Monday, May 17, 2010

Reinstalling Windows 7 with same key number

I don't believe it, I can reinstall same version of microsoft operating system product (Windows 7 Professional 64 bit) with same serial number. I'm just do some fool steps:

  1. Insert my Windows 7 DVD installation to my computer optic drive.

  2. Follow the Windows 7 installation steps, but you must be careful in one step (not 1st step), in this step you must give same information with the installation of windows 7 before. The image bellow is the screenshot  of step I mean.

Now you can online register your copy of Windows 7 to micrososft.

Happy trying :D


  1. gw pake windows 7 sekarang to.. tinggal sekali klik langsung genuine ckckckc..
    tukeran link blog dong to. blog gw di

  2. are you using crack or any kind tools to make your copy of windows 7 looks like genuine one? It's illegal...:P