Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mobile Apps Developer Community

If you want want to join with us in this community, please attending in our Sunday event, for more information visit the following link address:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Using subversion (svn) under proxy network in Mac OS X

If you want to use svn command from terminal in Mac OS X under proxy network, you must modify the subversion configuration file under your home directory. The following instruction how to use svn command under proxy in Mac OS X:

  1. Open terminal application

  2. Use vi application to open configuration file
    vim ~/.subversion/severs

  3. In under global group [global], add the following configuration
    http-proxy-host =
    http-proxy-port = 8080


  • and 8080 is proxy address and port in my network

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Enable another host connect to our MySQL Server

In some condition we need to separate between database server from server which the application running on it. In MySQL version 5.1.33-community the default configuration only allow incoming connection from localhost or the machine itself.  In that condition any mysql client applications in another host can't access to the MySQL server. We need to modify configuration in the MySQL server in order to enable another allowed to create connection. The following instruction  is what I did to solve this problem:

If phpmyAdmin was installed  and running well

1. Open any web browser, and then access the phpmyAdmin Application, for example

2. Select Privileges from tabs menu

3. Select the user who want to allow connect from anaother host

4. Modify host value from "localhost" to "any host"


if you are advanced user who familiar with SQL language or command line,  you can do this with DML (Data Manipulation Language) command to user table in mysql database.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Adding "Look Up in Dictionary" menu on Firefox

Some Mac OS X user maybe was familiar with "Look Up in Dictionary" menu. For me this Dictionary is really useful to find meaning of new vocabulary. To use it, you just need to select the word and then right click to show "Look Up in Dictionary Menu". The following image show the "Look Up in Dictionary" menu in Mail.

If your favorite web browser is Safari, you can use this feature without need any new configuration. But for user who has Mozilla Firefox as their favorite browser this feature not available in default configuration. If you are Firefox user, you must install Add-on in order to enable "Look Up in Dictionary" menu usable in Firefox. The Add-on which I means is "Mac OS X Dictionary"

If this Add-on was installed on your Mozilla Firefox browser you can enjoying the "Look Up Dictionary" menu in all web pages was opened using it.

Happy trying...