Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Add item in nautilus toolbar

Nautilus used as default file manager for operating system which using Gnome as desktop environment, for example Ubuntu. The first release of nautilus in 2001. These some features of nautilus file manager:

  1. FTP support

  2. Windows SMB shares

  3. ObexFTP

  4. HTTP

  5. WebDAV

  6. SFTP

  7. Bookmark

  8. Window background

  9. etc

In this article, I want to share about "how to add item in nautilus toolbar". Some often used features of nautilus should can access quickly and can reach it in short time. The solution of this problem is toolbar and shorcut, but not all nautilus features appear in it's toolbar. We can add item into toolbar manually, this my nautilus screenshot after modified.

To modify nautilus toolbar you must edit this file


add new tool item(s) between toolbar tag


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